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What's the deal with job searching in December?

 23rd Nov 2015

Traditional thinking is that December is a rubbish time to look for a job because, supposedly, employers roll down their hiring windows until January. Consequently, many job seekers take a break from the hunt. But over the last 5 years — in my role as both recruitment manager & owner of an employment agency — I’ve concluded that December might actually be the best month to nail a new job and here is why:

  1. The best companies are hiring now – employers want the team in place ready to hit the ground running in Q1 2017

  2. You’ll have less competition –  with so many of your rivals slacking off for the holidays, there will be fewer folks competing for openings.  

  3. You’ll have more competition in Jan – and fewer opportunities to go for!

  4. People tend to be in a good mood – wouldn't you rather catch an employer now, when they’re feeling gracious and charitable!

  5. Christmas creates natural urgency – clients and candidates want to complete processes before the holidays

  6. Do it now and relax – spend Christmas trawling job boards or enjoy it safe in the knowledge you start your dream job in January


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