Google Retires Adwords and DoubleClick Brands

03 July 2018

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What’s in a Name?
Last week, tech behemoth Google announced the biggest ever rebranding of its marketing products, starting in mid-July. 
It seems that the main difference is in the names; the rebranding simplifies and streamlines Google’s marketing tools, putting the Google name on the products and replacing the Adwords and DoubleClick branding we’re all so familiar with, but the functionality of the products will remain broadly the same, with some simplifications.
Adwords is set to become Google Ads, DoubleClick for Advertisers will become the Google Marketing Platform, whilst DoubleClick for publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange will come under the umbrella of Google Ad Manager. Adwords has been around for 17 years, and DoubleClick was purchased by Google in 2008, so the change has been a long time coming.
According to Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s SVP of ads, the move makes the system easier for marketers to figure out, and achieve better outcomes more easily. He said that the move is, “indicative of where we have been directing products over the last few years”, adding, “Google Ads, in our opinion, is a much more straightforward representation of what Google advertising can provide”.
If the rebranding is leaving anyone feeling a bit confused, here’s a quick rundown of what each service will offer:
Google Ads
This replaces Adwords and is effectively a straightforward name change, although the new system will also offer a simplified, more automated interface. It will also incorporate a new campaign type, ‘Smart Campaigns’, with the specific aim of making it easier for small businesses to advertise.
Google Marketing Platform
Aimed at ‘enterprise advertisers’, this platform combines Analytics 360 with DoubleClick’s buying and measurement tools for large advertisers, and aims to produce better campaign outcomes for advertisers. In a press briefing last week, Dan Taylor, Google’s managing director of platforms said that the new Google Marketing Platform is “designed to offer choice — of what to buy, how to buy and how to measure,”  adding that it can easily be integrated with other tools, including other ad exchanges and measurement providers.
Google Ad Manager
Aimed at publishers, Ad Manager amalgamates the DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) ad server and DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX). According to Jonathan Bellack, Google’s director of product management, this system will enable publishers to “monetize all the new places where people are engaging”.
Google’s rebranding promises a slicker, more streamlined approach which will hopefully make it easier for marketers to identify the best solutions to meet their needs. If it delivers on its promises, in the future advertisers will be able to focus more on improving outcomes and less on product selection.


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