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31 August 2018

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Innovation, community and enhanced productivity - Why we’ve chosen a coworking space as our new office.


You’d have to be living on Mars not to have heard that London’s Shoreditch is undergoing something of a ‘sea change’ at the moment. Arguably one of the capital’s edgiest suburbs and the birthplace of the Hipster, Shoreditch has become a victim of its own success; thanks to its flourishing nightlife, café culture and ongoing regeneration, many of the area’s original inhabitants and businesses are finding themselves priced out of the market, forced to make way for new tenants who are willing to pay inflated rental prices.


Here at Pivotal, Shoreditch’s massive popularity has meant we also had to look for new premises recently. But we didn’t view this as a negative; instead, we embraced the opportunity to think carefully about what we really wanted for our business and our staff, and to find a new workspace which is really aligned our values, ethos and dynamic approach.


We found an incredible new coworking space in the heart of Shoreditch, where we get to work with like-minded people and businesses, reflecting our innovative approach and offering our staff incredible facilities – including communal and private working areas – in a stunning, modern environment.


Fixed property leases are no longer seen an indicator of success. In fact, an increasing number of dynamic, agile and forward-thinking companies are breaking with the traditional office model and moving to amazing coworking hubs like Mindspace and WeWork, where employees benefit from a great working space which promotes a sense of community, fosters innovation and provides state-of-the-art facilities which are available around-the-clock.


Whilst coworking spaces might once have been primarily for startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers, now larger, successful companies – including tech giants like IBM and Microsoft - are increasingly tapping into this new trend, which has a distinct ‘Silicon Valley’ vibe. It’s also recognised that the coworking environment offers “better access to innovators, innovations [and] talent” (Entrepreneur). Recent studies have also shown that employees are happier, more creative, more productive and more motivated in a coworking environment, which is great for us, and of course our clients! And because we no longer have the headache of organising leasing agreements and worrying about office maintenance issues, we have more time to dedicate to what we do best.


Companies like ours, which rely heavily on staying abreast of new developments in the digital marketing arena and attracting - and retaining - the best new talent in the sector, can only reap the benefits of this new approach to the office model.


We’re really thrilled about the move, and our staff are already enjoying the new facilities. And we’re still in Shoreditch, so we continue to enjoy the benefits of being in one of our capital’s most creative and innovative neighbourhoods. Not to mention the great bars and restaurants within a stone’s throw. And by embracing the coworking ethos, we’re also networking with some of the area’s brightest sparks, on a daily basis. Which makes work a pretty cool place to be. Roll on Monday morning.


If you’re thinking about a move - a career move, that is - give us a call. We’re going places.


David Terry

Founding Director



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