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12 October 2018

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Here at Pivotal we are seeing an increasing demand for temporary and contract staff in the world of digital marketing right across our client base (Agencies, Brands and Media Owners). In fact, it’s estimated that around 40% of people working in the creative industries are now self-employed.


A constantly evolving digital landscape, the moving of accounts between agencies and the ever-increasing development of inhouse performance marketing teams in digital first tech companies means hiring the best talent is ever more challenging. Moreover, our clients are looking for new and flexible freelance solutions that respond quickly to fluctuating workloads and meet the demands of their workload without the need to recruit permanent staff.


I am therefore delighted to announce the official launch of our new Digital Marketing Contract Desk, which is part of our Performance Marketing Team. The Contract Team is on-hand to offer employers support with recruiting non-permanent talent across all paid media including PPC, Paid Social as well as SEO.


What’s in it for you?


Money - For a start, rates in the contract market have increased substantially in recent years. Thanks to the talent shortage in the digital marketing industry, and the pressure on agencies to respond quickly to fluctuating workloads and meet the demands of a new account or project, freelancers can now command great rates. Don’t forget, you’re bringing a wealth of experience and specialist skills to the job. And you’re saving your employer valuable on-boarding and training expenses.


Flexibility - You get the added bonus of a more flexible working life. You can choose which accounts you work on and concentrate on areas which you find most rewarding professionally. Don’t forget that you get to decide when, where and how much you work.


Be your own boss - Fewer dull office meetings, and you’re the boss when it comes to assigning time off and coffee breaks. Yes, there will be deadlines but ultimately, you answer to yourself.


Variety – One of the best things about freelance work is the fact that no two days are the same. You’ll be involved in a variety of projects, all chosen by you, and you’ll work for a broad range of companies, honing your skills and broadening your experience as you go.


But before you decide to leave the security of paid employment to become a freelancer, don’t forget it also has its challenges: managing your own accounts, chasing late payments and maintaining a work/life balance when it feels like you’re always on duty… to name but a few. If you take the plunge - or have already dived in – then there are plenty of opportunities to find new, interesting work to satisfy your career aspirations.


How we can help


Online marketplaces for freelancers have reported a substantial increase in demand for – and use of –  their services in the past 12 months, but these platforms aren’t always the best solution. They’re focused on providing the best deal for the client, not the freelancer, so your rate will almost always be driven down because you’re in competition with less experienced – and less competent – contractors.


Plus, it’s really hard to get an accurate idea of the work you’re bidding for, so you might commit to a job for a set rate, only to discover later that it’s a much bigger project than you realised. And then there’s the endless stream of online application forms and CVs. Platforms like Fiverr and People Per Hour undoubtedly have their uses, but they remove the human element from recruitment which is essential if you want to find the best opportunity that genuinely matches your career goals.


The Pivotal Contract Team was launched following demand from some of our top clients, who have expressed a need for contract support within their marketing teams. Not only will our staff help you to identify the best positions for you, they can also advise you on issues like market rates, notice periods and financial aspects such as self employment vs operating as a limited company/umbrella company. We’ll get to know you, your specific skill-set and aspirations, so that we can find positions which further your career, at a rate which fairly rewards your skills and abilities.


When working with Pivotal we do all the chasing, so no more late payments. We have also invested in market leading technology that manages all the payroll, timesheets and contracts with the click of a button on your browser or in app.


Whether you’re already working as a contractor, or considering moving into contract work, and would like to discuss the opportunities available to you, then get in touch with Tokay Aderiye on LinkedIn or by email – - to find out more.



Tokay Aderiye

Contract Specialist – Digital Marketing



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