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Staying in control of your career during an acquisition deal

 15th May 2019


Your company hasn’t told you that it’s being acquired, but you’ve paid attention to all of the signs that suggest it is. And you’re now faced with uncertainty surrounding your job and future at the company. While these situations may appear complex in nature; there are two clear paths: should you stay or go.

Here’s how you can create your own pivotal move during a potential merger or acquisition deal:

Security at a price

Let’s start with the easiest option. Staying with your company could pay off – literally. There are many occasions where existing employees are given access to higher salaries and guaranteed greater job security during the acquisition negotiation process. But how about your benefits package? Well, unlike start-ups, larger companies bring bigger budgets that are readily available for employees to attend conferences, receive external training or gain access to more rewards.

However, there is sometimes a catch. Many top performers between the two companies are often considered safe and at minimal risk of losing their jobs. And the others? For those categorised as average or below, they could face the threat of redundancy, reassignment or relocation. Whatever the result, it’s vital that your prepared for all these scenarios.

Pivotal London Advice

  • Position yourself as a valuable employee by offering help with projects that emphasise your strengths. We recommend doing your research about the new company and analysing what systems it uses, its strategic direction and leadership team. Additionally, in its ‘Surviving M&A’ article, Harvard Business School suggests you highlight your abilities in three key categories, including: project execution, innovation and collaboration.  
  • Knowledge is power – especially when the merging company is unfamiliar with your organisational procedures. You can use knowledge to advance the newly combined company’s practices and to move both parties forward.
  • Embrace the integration process to allow room for personal growth. Do not sit back and wait for things to happen. Take the accountability to provide evidence that you can adapt and adjust. While there is a possibility that a decision may not go in your favour, it still gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in new processes and develop in your role.


Once a start-up, always a start-up

Organisational changes can ruffle feathers and cause feelings of discomfort, and it’s normal to feel this way. Some people that work for small businesses can agree that once you get a taste of working at a start-up, it’s hard to picture yourself no longer working at one. Perhaps it’s the constant hustle, fast pace, close-knit team, or a greater sense of purpose at a start-up that you enjoy. Unfortunately, some of this can be lost during the absorption process. For instance, the newly formed parent company could introduce an alternative operating structure that create less autonomy, or a different set of company values that could create a culture clash.


Pivotal London Advice

  • We recommend waiting until the acquisition process has taken place, and has advanced through several transitioning stages, before jumping ship. Wait to see how things play out. Not only this, you could be offered a package to stay that is too good to resist and you may forfeit this opportunity if you choose to leave too soon.
  • Experience of working within a start-up environment shows that you are tenacious and a go-getter. These traits alone are valuable to have on your CV. Well-rounded expertise coupled with a proactive can-do attitude are treasured by many start-ups and business’ alike. But don’t walk out before you have anything lined up! We suggest keeping your CV updated at all times and subscribing to Pivotal London marketing alerts so new jobs are sent straight to your inbox when they become available.

Do you want to stay in control of your career and make a pivotal move? Whether it’s hiring new talent or finding you your next role, our expert team are here to help you. Get in contact with us here or browse all of our available jobs here.


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