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Crap Talks 14 Speaker Interview with Phillip Law

 28th Jul 2019

Phillip Law, Head of Insight at Digital Analytics Agency, Your Favourite Story, will be joining an exciting list of expert speakers at this month’s upcoming CRAP Talk, scheduled to take place on Wednesday, July 31st .


Phillip’s experience

Holding over 8 years’ experience working in digital analytics - both agency and client-side – Phillip has worked with some of the best companies across the industry, including a few years at Adobe. Having attained a PhD in The Modelling of Complex Systems form the University of Manchester, he has a real passion is helping people trust their data and showing them how to extract real value.

Currently Head of Analytics at Your Favourites Story, Phillip is responsible for heading up an analytics team that perform a variety of tasks from data science, technical implementation, insights, SEO, PPC, and reporting.


What Phillip will share with you at CRAP Talks 14

Phillip will talk about the beta launch of a new website and the associated analytics process and considerations. The talk will cover three primary areas in detail. Namely, the planning and process of a beta launch, how data tag hygiene was managed, and finally reporting on Beta performance through real-time dashboards.

Planning the Launch - How Analytics fitted into to the Wider Plan

The number one priority of the new website was to ensure that there was no detrimental impact on lead generation. This section covers the wider back ground to the project and discusses some of the consideration you need to plan for, including working with different analytics implementations, load balancing traffic between the sites, and user journey mapping.

Data Hygiene - How we worked with Observepoint to Ensure Tag Hygiene?

Given the multiple parties involved and the fluid nature of the CMS build, it was critical that we were able to ensure that the tagging and data collection was comparable with the website’s predecessor. To allow this to happen at scale and speed, we leveraged Observepoint (OP). In this section, we discuss how we worked with the Observepoint tool and the wider OP team to ensure this. For more info, the full case study on this can be found here

Reporting and Monitoring - Developing a Real time Dashboard with Amazon Athena and Tableau

One of the key requirements was to be able to monitor core KPIs to ensure that the rollout of the beta website did not Impact lead generation; with the intention to be able to roll back any changes quickly should any issues arise. As such, we needed reports that were digestible to enable key decision makers to move quickly. This report also needed to be delivered in a real time nature as soon as possible. So, in this section we will cover off how we leveraged Amazon Athena and Tableau to deliver this.


Connecting with Phillip

Phillip will be available after his talk to speak with attendees and wants people to “come away from a talk thinking, I'm going to try that tomorrow!”

Don’t miss out on CRAP Talks 14

Date: Wednesday, July 31st
Time: 6:45pm - 9:15pm
Location: Busuu offices, 50 Finsbury Square, Finsbury, London EC2A 1HD

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Pivotal London

Pivotal London's Data Analytics team will be in attendance at CRAP Talks. So, if you're looking to hear more about the current data analytics job market or open to discussing new opportunities, we will be available to connect with you after the session. 

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