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Why you need to work with a specialist recruitment agency

 19th Sep 2019


We get it. Recruiting exceptional talent is tough. And we understand that is can be particularly hard within the digital marketing space. Given the mounting pressure of meeting headcount targets, the stress of hitting project deadlines, and the endless talent wars to attract qualified candidates – it can all feel like a huge undertaking. And you aren’t alone, either. In fact, it’s estimated that 76 percent of hiring decision-makers say attracting quality candidates is their #1 challenge, according to Glassdoor. This is why many brands, agencies, and tech platforms choose to partner with specialist recruitment agencies to secure the best talent.    

Relying on external hiring support, specifically in the form of recruiters, has shifted from being a luxury to an essential element of most business’ hiring strategies. However, for those employers that have yet to make the move, the thought of outsourcing your hiring function can feel like unfamiliar territory.

Here’s how a specialist digital recruitment agency can support your business:

Specialist recruiters are time savers

Agencies that operate within your industry and recruit for a focussed range of roles and disciplines will have an elevated understanding of your market. Better yet, these agencies will, therefore, have more time to map your market and build a refined understanding of the skills and knowledge required for a business like yours.  In other words, these specialist agencies will speak your language.

Pivotal London is known for its recruitment expertise within the digital marketing industry, specifically for Performance Marketing disciplines including paid search, programmatic, paid social & SEO.  The team has experience in working with small agencies where internal hiring teams are under-resourced, through to global brands where Pivotal London acts as an extension of its recruitment function. Both clients have hugely benefited from Pivotal London’s services and its talent pool full of qualified candidates. And are given full access to a long list of candidates who are both passive and active to new employment opportunities, that are well matched for the client’s role. Clients are also given real insights, and advice on market-rate salary packages so they can appropriately benchmark itself against competitors.


Specialist recruiters have access to more talent pools

Most digital employers are facing a talent-constrained market. In fact, recent research indicates the current jobs market is 90 percent candidate-driven. Unfortunately, this places further pressure on businesses to have multiple recruitment channels in place, to maximise exposure and access to top talent.

At Pivotal London, close to 43 percent of our placements come from returning, recommended or direct candidates.  This is talent that isn’t readily available ‘on the market’ and only available to a specialist agency whom candidates have built trusted relationships with over a number of years and different career moves. And quite honestly, based on direct candidate feedback, most talent prefer to work with a recruiter because it saves them time. For instance, when a candidate registers with Pivotal London, they are provided access to some of the best in-house and agency roles from the top media, marketing and tech companies in London from one place.


Specialist recruiters save you money

The cost of a bad hire is high. And luckily for you, the chances of this are considerably lowered when using a specialist recruitment agency. The advantage of using recruiters is firstly the money that won’t be spent on job board advertising, and secondly, the screening and vetting of candidates. All of these marketing and administrative processes are managed externally by the recruiter.

Pivotal London has streamlined a number of these procedures to ensure the client’s role is filled in the quickest time possible. The team will review all the applications, complete stringent background checks, contact references, check qualifications and hold initial interviews to ensure each candidate is suitable for the role.
Cost reduction is particularly noticeable with Pivotal London’s contract and freelance division, where contractors are paid on time, every time. It’s the team’s priority to provide an optimised candidate experience where contractors can expect reliable and swift payment for the time in which they have worked. From the client’s perspective, this takes the pressure of its accounting team and provides additional flexibility should the client which to extend the contract.

Specialist recruiters deliver results

Recruitment is ultimately a sales-based industry where most agencies offer a contingency payment model. This means that you only pay for its services once a successful hire has been made.

Recruiters also offer contingency plans. In the event that a candidate rejects the offer or leaves your business within the first couple of weeks, many recruiters will offer a rebate scheme where they will either refund the service fee or replace the candidate free of charge.

Looking for a digital recruitment agency that can connect your company with digital marketing experts? Pivotal London is here to help. Get in contact with our team here.

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