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#EachforEqual - We're celebrating women

 9th Mar 2020

We celebrate International Women’s Day in effort to bring light to the accomplishments of women worldwide. This year’s theme for IWD is #EachforEqual, encouraging individuals to take action to challenge stereotypes, fight discrimination, celebrate women’s achievements and help women gain full and equal participation in global development.
#EachforEqual seeks to bring awareness to the idea that gender inequality is not a women’s issue but an economic one - as gender quality is pivotal for economies and communities to grow and progress. 
Here at Pivotal, we aim to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness of bias and diminish inequality. With that being said, we’re excited to share some insights from successful women in our industry. We’ve asked our female clients in leading brands to share some of their experiences on achieving success and advice for others on how to succeed. Take a look below. 
What first got you interested in a career in Media?
Recruiting Lead at a Global Online Travel Company 
"I fell into a media-focused company, but now love the environment and would not want to look back. I wanted out of retail, so initially fell into a Customer Care role, and then due to showing my interest and dedication to working hard and my alignment to the values and mission of the business was fortunate enough to be offered a perm role in Talent Acquisition."
Global Performance Marketing Director at Leading Digital Healthcare App 
"I did an MBA in marketing from France and have always been interested in marketing of services. This turned into a deeper passion once I discovered the world of marketing performance and channels which was the perfect blend of insight, data, people management and creativity. This is a wonderful industry to work in as long as you work hard, stay brave and never stop learning."
Head of Account Management at Leading Global FinTech Company 
"All the creative! Truly, I loved the creative aspect. What kept me here is the interesting technology that’s always developing in the industry."
What challenges have you faced being a woman in the industry and how have you overcome them?
Recruiting Lead at a Global Online Travel Company 
"I’ve never really seen any challenge being because I am a woman, I think my greatest challenge is the assumption that because I am not a graduate I am not qualified. I’ve often had to prove myself in my current and previous roles, and I think this has definitely made me work that bit harder; however, this has often come through putting in a lot of extra hours and taking on far more work than is probably sensible."
Global Performance Marketing Director at Leading Digital Healthcare App
"In the past, I have, like many other women, experienced that I’ve had to go the extra mile to be given certain projects. Although it’s a structural problem at many companies, it has taught me to continue to work hard and always back my claims with data. Data and Insight are such powerful tools to back your arguments, rather than using emotion or intuition. That would be my advice — regardless of gender! Right now I'm working at a company, founded in Sweden. And there is a huge consciousness about gender equality within our company culture."
Head of Account Management at Leading Global FinTech Company 
"As a woman who has leaned heavily tech side in the industry, I’ve often found myself as one woman in a room of men. It takes a lot of confidence-building to convince yourself you belong there and to trust your own voice. You also often have to work doubly as hard, cheer twice as loud, and be incredibly explicit about what you want to get noticed."
What advice would you give to your younger self starting out in the industry?
Recruiting Lead at a Global Online Travel Company 
"Don’t try and run before you can walk, success will come, you just need to be a little patient at first."
Global Performance Marketing Director at Leading Digital Healthcare App
"I would ask my younger self to be brave but also wait and not move jobs in order to learn a new channel or global strategy. You learn a lot more with colleagues you know and like and you'll eventually learn what you want to - but in a better environment. There is also better career progression if you stay in one organisation. However, be brave. Never doubt yourself and never stop learning as every day is a new day."
Head of Account Management at Leading Global FinTech Company 
- Speak to everyone, but even more important, listen to everyone carefully! You never know when you’ll meet a familiar face again, and it’s great to be able to reconnect.
- Market yourself! You have to show yourself and your accomplishments off. No one will do it for you.
- Know your worth and never be afraid to negotiate. If you don’t negotiate, you’ll only get what someone else wants to give you
- Be curious: soak up every bit of information available to you and look for more when you’re through. 
- Take chances when something excites you because life goes quickly!
If you’re looking to build a successful career in digital marketing or advertising, get in touch with our team here - we’d love to be a part of that. 
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