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8 important 'working from home' tips from the Pivotal team

 17th Mar 2020

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many of us find ourselves self-isolating and working from home. Turning your home into your office can get tricky but there is a knack to successfully working from home – lots of it is around adjusting your mindset from ‘home self’ to ‘work self’.
Below, we’ve compiled a bunch of great work-from-home tips and tricks from the team at Pivotal.
1. Dress the Part
Shower and get dressed for a normal day at work. If you are expected to conduct video calls with clients or your manager, you need to be presentable. It also gets you in the mindset of being ready for work. 
2. Clear the Decks
After breakfast & getting ready, don’t head straight to your desk, spend 10 minutes clearing up and creating a good working environment. It’s much easier to focus and be professional without cereal bowls and laundry lying around you.
3. Location Location Location
Great technology means it's possible to work anywhere – but don’t. Especially not in bed or sitting on your sofa. Firstly it will give you a bad back and you will not feel energised. Also, where will you go to relax when you sign off for the day?
4. Take Breaks
We get natural breaks at work chatting to our colleagues and getting coffees together which gives us vitality. Make yourself feel good by replacing chats with chores and get a sense of achievement and getting ahead of where you would normally be in the day. 
5. Ban Digital Distractions
Getting distracted by WhatsApp, Instagram & FPL wastes serious time. Put your phone face down and out of reach – leave it there while you work.
6. Get a dose of fresh air
If its mid-afternoon and you’ve barely seen daylight, go for a walk, run or pop to the shop. Rain is no excuse, wear a coat. 
7. Eat Healthy Food
With no witnesses to see you demolish an entire pack of chocolate hobnobs for lunch, there is no one to judge! Get fresh fruit and good snacks. Prep Prep Prep. Get all the ingredients for a nice lunch that you can look forward to. 
8. Timing and Structure
Structure your day. Go for a run, do exercise, meditate, read (whatever) in the time you would normally be commuting. Offset some of the lost recognition you may usually receive from your colleagues by setting yourself goals every day so you feel successful. You then know when to shut down for the day!
Pivotal Dont’s:
Keep the TV on
Take a nap
Leave the heating on full 
Go all day without speaking to people
GO TO THE FRIDGE EVERY 10 MINUTES – nothing new has magically appeared!
If you're enjoying your working from home experience, we have a lot of flexible role opportunities you can find here. Or you can simply contact us here and we will be happy to help you find something.
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