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How to make a good first impression in an interview

 28th Sep 2014

The simple fact is that first impressions count and a lot of hiring managers will say, “I knew within the first 5 minutes I wanted to hire them!” 


So this article is to help you make that good first impression.


The ground rules:


Be on time - Ideally you will arrive 5 minutes before the interview is due to start. DO NOT BE LATE! Arriving too early could be inconvenient for the person interviewing you.


Dress Code - Find out from your recruiter what the office dress code is and go one level smarter. It is important you show you would be a good “Company Fit”. Wearing a suit when the people interviewing you are in t-shirts, will make everyone feel uncomfortable.



Body Language – Good Eye Contact throughout the interview is essential. Also, make sure you engage all of the people interviewing you, do not just focus your answers to one person.

The Hand Shake – Make sure it has some substance to it. Weak handshakes do not impress anyone. Bone crunchers are also off putting.


Rapport –Basic rapport can be built on the walk to the interview room. A simple question such as, “How is your day going?” can start a conversation. Also, have a look at the people interviewing you on LinkedIn, are you in similar groups or have you worked at the same place, do you have friends in common, any information you can glean could be a way to start a conversation where you can build rapport. All good recruiters will prepare you for the type of person you are meeting and advise you on ways to build rapport.


Be nice to receptionists – they are valued members of any business.


Show your appreciation – thank the people interviewing you at the start of the meeting for them giving up their time to see you.


Smell nice – Or at least don’t smell bad.


Be Happy – No one likes a miserable git, so smile and show them that you would be a welcome addition to their business.


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