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Signs It’s Time for A Career Move

 14th Sep 2021

Finding a rewarding job that’s right for you can take time. Few people enter the workforce knowing exactly what they want to do. In fact, in a research survey conducted by the London Business School last year, it was determined that 47% of the 1,000 individuals surveyed wanted to change jobs. In similar surveys carried out by the Guardian and the Telegraph, the same picture was painted too - many people just don’t love the job that they do.

So, if you’re considering a career move, you’re not alone. Acting on these thoughts, however, can be intimidating. For some, it can mean leaving a stable job to head down an uncharted path, which can be scary - but it doesn’t have to be.  The market for Digital Marketing talent has never been better!

Here are some signs that will help you decide whether it’s time for you to switch careers, and apply for a job that’s better suited for you.

Sign #1: You’re unmotivated

You feel increasingly disconnected from your original reasons for entering your chosen field. You’ve lost motivation and now struggle to find the energy to remain enthusiastic about the company’s mission anymore. But if you can’t remember the last time you felt energised by a new idea or invigorated by your next project, it might be time to revaluate your role.

Sign #2: You dread going to work

Beyond being bored, you’re not engaged with the work, the company, or any aspect of your job. While you don’t want the company to go under, you wouldn’t describe yourself as invested in its success. You live for the weekend, but despite your best efforts, the dread of Monday creeps in by Saturday night.  If you find yourself this dissatisfied with your current role, it’s time to think about what other areas of work might better align with your passions.

Sign #3: Even a high salary can’t provide you happiness

Your salary might be good, but the work is unrewarding. You find yourself watching the second hand of the clock tick by during your day and by Tuesday you’re always wishing it was the weekend. While you appreciate the stability your job provides, you’re beginning to feel like you’re wasting your potential. These are clear signs that someone could use a change.

Sign #4: The Future Looks Uninviting
When you started on your current career path, you wanted to rocket up the career ladder as fast as possible. But after working in the field for a few years, you see what life is really like in a higher management position, and the idea of moving up this career ladder doesn’t sound that appealing anymore. Or, you may not feel that there’s a lot of room for professional development or growth within the company. Worse, you may feel that your company doesn’t support your development and growth outside the company.

Sign #5: You’re burnt out

Work should be challenging, but not draining. If you find yourself exhausted, losing sleep, suffering from headaches, or experiencing other physical symptoms, this could be your body’s way of telling you your career is not right for you. Being in a permanent state of stress can also impact your relationships with others close to you. If work is turning you into an unhappy person, perhaps it’s time to start exploring other jobs that will make you feel like yourself again.

 Sign #6: You daydream about a new career

You spend your lunch breaks thinking about what you’d do in “your next life” and relishing the thought of how you would hand In your notice. You find yourself browsing job boards & LinkedIn instead of work emails, and you’re starting to become jealous of your friend’s careers, wondering how they landed such “perfect” jobs. You cringe when people ask you what it is you do because you wish it were something different. You’ve thought about leaving, you’ve even brought the idea up to friends in passing conversation. Would you leave your job “if you could?” If so, it’s time to go.

So, What Now?

Recognising one of the indicators on this list could mean that it’s time for you to switch jobs. Start by creating your career change action plan, which will outline the steps you need to take to make the switch successfully.

And if you need more personalised support, consider contacting our Pivotal London recruitment team. Our team of experts can help you connect with the widest range of Digital Marketing jobs In London, suggest potential roles that you could be suitable for, and help you prep for your interview.

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