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Growth Marketing : Step to Step guide

 26th Apr 2022

“Growth Marketer” is a term that can get many confused. Are you wondering who a growth marketer is and how to start a career in it? If the answer to the question is a yes, you’ve come to the right place!


  1. What is Growth Marketing?

Growth Marketing, a relatively new term in the industry is something that we believe needs to be at the core of every company’s marketing strategy. Growth marketing is a structured solution that works its way through the full customer journey in search of scalability potential. Being a step-up model from the traditional model, growth marketing is data-driven with the goal of bringing potential users and clients all the way through the sales funnel to become brand champions. Growth marketing takes things a step further. Growth marketing is a strategy that aims to reach every stage of the sales funnel, from awareness to activation and retention to revenue and referrals. Your users, clients, or customers will be engaged with your product and company if growth marketing is done effectively, and they will eventually become brand advocates who will promote friends and family members to the company.


  1. So, what does a Growth Marketer do?

Growth Marketers utilises different strategies such as blog posts, SEO Optimization, data-driven email, social media campaigns, A/B testing and technical analysis. The main focus of a Growth Marketer is to grow revenue and reach. They understand deeply the lifecycle of customers on Square and identify opportunities for growth and optimization, run marketing campaigns and other growth initiatives end-to-end: you will design experiments, develop campaign strategy, and drive execution of the campaign through to completion, Investigate and test new channels to communicate with our existing customers, Partner with our Analytics team to measure the impact of each campaign, and develop ways to scale and Work cross-functionally with product, engineering, legal, analytics and creative to meet ambitious growth targets


  1. How is Growth Marketing different from Traditional Marketing?

Unlike traditional marketing, which attempts to turn a lead into a customer as quickly as possible, growth marketing aims to guide your audience through each stage of the marketing funnel, ultimately resulting in the creation of a brand ambassador. Simply put, growth marketing focuses on retention rather than acquisition, as traditional marketing does. Whereas traditional marketing is focused on the corporation, growth marketing is focused on the customer.


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Growth marketing accomplishes this by incorporating theorised, tested, evaluated, and optimised approaches. Search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, content marketing, A/B testing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), email marketing, and social media are all examples of marketing tactics that allow firms to collect data and make adjustments on a regular basis. The value here is data-driven insights that allow brands to be product-focused rather than relying on "gut instincts" or merely opinion-based approaches to make decisions.


To give you clarity on how to start your career in growth marketing, we asked a few questions to our In-house team Manager Harrison: How do you become a good growth marketer?


- Your beginners guide to becoming a Growth Marketer

“If you’re a professional marketer, you know that significant growth doesn’t usually happen overnight. Sometimes, it can take weeks, months, or even years of building up your marketing strategies to produce targeted goals and results.

To get started, you must understand the difference between traditional marketing VS growth marketing and begin applying the right skills and strategies. You must have a deeper understanding of how to work with technical team, how to manage & leverage relationships with those cross functional teams & bringing engineers into the work flow to optimise across the entire customer journey’s

- Tips on becoming a good Growth Marketer

Growth marketers are skilled at executing campaigns that lead to high levels of customer acquisition and retention. They have a deep understanding of customer behaviour, targeting the right audience with the right message in order to maximize their ROI. In addition, they are data savvy and analytical, having a good understanding of the metrics that are most relevant to user growth. They also have experience in testing different strategies and measuring their success, which is an essential skill for any marketer or business owner aiming at growth.


- What are the courses that an individual can take up to start their career in growth marketing?

One of the most recognised courses in the industry is led by Reforge ( ). Their Advanced Growth Strategy course teaches you step by step how to create compounding growth loops. How to break down your current companies’ growth loops, identify challenges & methods to unluck new growth. The programme is recommend for emerging leaders on track for Director & VP level roles.


- Any useful links for growth marketing?

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