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4-Day Work Week

 28th Mar 2023

The 4 day work week results are in!!!

The trial has revealed extraordinary results from the shorter working week pilot.

The aim of 4 Day Week - Global is to implement a 100-80-100 principle of work. 100% of the pay, for 80% of the time, in exchange for a commitment to delivering 100% of the output.

Are business leaders really ready to make this step?

The below statistics may make you consider:


  • 92% of the companies involved are continuing with the 4-Day week. 
  • 35% increase in revenue on average when compared to similar periods from previous years.


  • The average rating from managers on productivity and overall experience was higher than the baseline. 
  • 57% reduction in staff resignations during the trial. 
  • Nearly 100% of employees involved said they would prefer a reduced work schedule.


  • 71% reported lower burnout and 39% lower levels of stress. 
  • Nearly half reported lower levels of fatigue and sleep difficulties. 
  • Issues with getting sufficient sleep reduced on average.
  • Over-two fifths reported improved mental health.


  • Nearly 3/4 reported greater satisfaction with their time and 3/5 found it easier to combine paid work with care responsibilities. 
  • 62% reported improved combining of work and social life.
  • 21% reported a reduction in childcare costs.

Gender Equality:  

  • Parenting time by men more than doubled during the trial.

Candidate Attraction:  

  • 85% of job seekers would prioritise companies offering a 4-Day work week according to Pivotal's LinkedIn poll  

This trial of nearly 3,000 staff & 61 companies was conducted by 4-Day Week - Global, Autonomy UK and the UK 4-Day Week campaign in conjunction with academic research rigorously conducted by Boston College and the University of Cambridge.

Please see an abridged report here:

It is time to have a serious conversation about the revolution of work.


If you would like to discuss strategies that can help with any of the above please feel free to contact us.

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