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Mastering B2B Organisational Design: Optimising Marketing Functions for Growth and Success.

 17th Apr 2023


Mastering B2B Organisational Design: Optimising Marketing Functions for Growth and Success. 


A hot topic in the current landscape. 

We see businesses big and small go through changes, like new leadership, mergers, or layoffs due to tough times. The goal is always the same: to create the best org design to drive growth. In this short post, we are sharing what we have learned about each marketing function and how to structure a B2B team for success. 

Here are some key responsibilities:

-Marketing Ops: planning, analytics, lead management, campaign ops, email governance, MarTech stack, and budget ownership. The leaders of this team should be 40% strategic and 60% detail-oriented to build the team's engine.

-Integrated Marketing: product marketing, campaign strategy, pricing and packaging strategy, and big company-wide events. They're the brains behind the Marketing team, understanding the customer, competitors, differentiation, and how storytelling works in Marketing.

-Digital Marketing: paid channels, SEO, website, email/chat/SMS, self-serve revenue, and optimization. They're the global in-house digital agency that supports the rest of Marketing.

-Demand and Field Marketing: regional teams responsible for demand gen strategy, field marketing, and account-based marketing. They work closely with Sales teams.

-Brand Marketing: brand strategy, design, copy, user experience, video, creative production, social, developer relations, content marketing, and customer advocacy.

-Communications: executive thought leadership, PR, analyst relations, and crisis communications. 





When designing your team, keep in mind: don't design around people, strike a balance between expertise and layers, consider centralised or regionalised approaches, decide between in-house versus agencies, ensure a tight partnership between business development, sales and marketing, and embed product marketing in marketing. And remember, shake things up from time to time to make sure your team is achieving its goals.

If you are hiring, Pivotal London can provide the latest market insights, benchmarks, and salary guides. Don't hesitate to get in touch! 



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