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Hiring a Marketing Leader?

 6th Jul 2023

Here’s your essential 6-Step Checklist!

Founders can fall into the trap of rushing into hiring their first Marketing or Growth leader.

Yes, you want and need to hire at a pace. But not without taking the time to establish exactly what you need and what that person’s profile looks like.

Hiring someone too senior or junior means that they will probably leave within their first 12 months.

Figuring it out as you go means you risk making hasty decisions, which may tarnish your reputation and waste valuable time and resources.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the challenge you are trying to solve? Clearly define the problem or opportunity that you want the new hire to address. This sets the foundation for identifying the right profile.


  • Are you running growth or the business? This will help you determine the level of the role you need to fill. Many Founders will have acted as the marketing leader. But as you grow, there needs to be clear distinction between the person leading the business and the one leading marketing strategy. If you're capable of doing both (which is rare), then a CMO/VP Growth isn’t what you need. Rather, someone who is proficient at hands-on marketing, can implement your strategy, and has potential to cultivate a team, could be the right fit.


  • Are all the key stakeholders aligned? Make sure all the stakeholders in the hiring process are in sync about the candidate's profile. Discuss and align on the expectations, ideal profile, responsibilities, and success metrics for the role. Different stakeholders might have varying perspectives, but consensus is crucial.


  • Is the compensation package competitive? Once you understand who you’re looking for, take some time to understand what other companies are offering. Is your salary level suitable for the profile you want to attract? What level of stock options will you offer? Check out our latest salary guide here.


  • Do you have a clear and efficient interview process? Determine what each interview stage will entail. What is each stage testing? This helps you understand if you can allocate the time and resources. Make sure you create a great candidate experience and avoid repeating questions throughout the process.


  • How do you attract your ideal candidates? You need to understand what motivates your ideal candidate. Have you highlighted the key things your opportunity and company offers? Remember, the best people are not always looking so you need to make them want to join you. Promote the opportunity where they spend their time; industry events, social platforms, or communities they engage with.


Need hiring advice for building out your Marketing team? Reach out to David Terry, Director + Funder, Pivotal London on / 07554010308

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