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Cracking the Code : How to find a Great Growth Marketer

 14th Dec 2023

Too many hires fail because the right questions are not asked during the interview. 


Hunting for the right growth marketer is like finding the perfect puzzle piece for your digital marketing team. It's not just about skills; it's about the mindset and approach. Let's break down the key qualities that make a top-notch growth marketer and the questions that can help you discover them.

1. Learn From Their Mistakes:

A good growth marketer isn't afraid to experiment, but what's crucial is how they handle failure. In the world of digital marketing, things change fast. A smart growth marketer sees failure as a lesson, not a roadblock.

Question to Ask: Can you share a time when a marketing plan didn't work, and what did you learn from it?

2. Try New Things:

The best growth marketers don't rely on just one way of doing things. They know that success comes from trying different approaches across various channels. This adaptability is the secret sauce for both current and future success.

Question to Ask: How do you use different marketing channels, and can you give an example of a successful campaign you led using multiple channels?

3. Bounce Back Ability:

In the fast world of growth marketing, setbacks happen. A great growth marketer doesn't get knocked down easily. They bounce back with even more determination. This resilience is what helps them overcome the hurdles of growth marketing.

Question to Ask: Can you tell us about a time when a marketing campaign faced a big problem, and how did you handle it?

4. Loves Numbers:

Numbers are a growth marketer's best friend. They know how to look at data, understand it, and make decisions based on it. Whether it's checking how well a campaign is doing or finding areas to improve, good growth marketers speak the language of numbers.

Question to Ask: How do you use data to make decisions in your marketing work? Can you share an example where data helped improve a campaign?

5. Big Picture Thinker:

Beyond day-to-day tasks, a growth marketer thinks strategically. They connect what they do with the big goals of the company. A strategic thinker plans for the long term, spots trends, and crafts smart plans to move the brand forward.

Question to Ask: How do you make sure your marketing plans align with the long-term goals of the company?

6. Problem Solver:

Growth marketing isn't a smooth ride. It's about facing problems and finding clever solutions. A top-notch growth marketer loves problem-solving, turning challenges into opportunities and always looking for ways to make things better.

Question to Ask: Can you share a time when you faced a marketing problem and how you came up with a creative solution?

7. Team Player:

Finally, success in growth marketing is a team effort. A great growth marketer knows how to work well with others, whether it's designers, developers, or sales teams. Team players create an environment where everyone works together to get great results.

Question to Ask: How do you make sure you work effectively with other teams to achieve common marketing goals?

Getting a hire wrong is expensive. A little more digging can help you can uncover the qualities that make a candidate more likely to be successful and drive business growth.

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