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Hybrid Work Evolves : Agencies Trending Towards More In-Office Workdays

 15th Dec 2023

As agency recruiters, our focus extends beyond sourcing talent to understanding the ever-shifting dynamics of the workplace. Recent data from our Agency clients sheds light on current office work preferences, prompting a closer look at implications for talent acquisition and management strategies.

What are Agencies doing?  

While debates persist on the ideal balance between in-office and remote work, we are seeing 81% of clients settling on a either three-day (38%) or two-day (43%) office week. 

According to our data, a mere 3% of marketing agency employees work from the office five days a week, while 6% opt for a four-day office routine.  100% Remote work accounts for 10%, showcasing a significant shift towards flexibility in work arrangements



What do Employees want? 

This aligns with the sentiments expressed by Campaigns Rising Talent, where 69% emphasised the importance of hybrid working. Notably, 53% of them envisioned a three-day workweek at the office.  

The ongoing debate within the industry on the impact of hybrid work on creativity is exemplified by the contrasting stances of agencies like Adam & Eve/DDB, advocating for four days in the office, while Publicis Media enjoys the collaborative and dynamic atmosphere of their office for three days each week, with the option to work-from-home for the remaining two days.

Finding the balance

While debates persist on the ideal balance between in-office and remote work, a consensus seems to be emerging around a three-day office week. This model attempts to strike a balance between fostering collaboration and accommodating the growing preference for flexible work arrangements.

It's important to note that exceeding three days per week in the office can significantly affect the time to hire, potentially doubling it, as candidates increasingly value flexibility in their work schedules.


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