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 15th Feb 2024

LinkedIn data shows job postings experience an average 15% surge in January & February.


January and February are often considered the prime months for job hunting. This period marks a time of new beginnings for companies, with fresh budgets and projects kicking off, creating numerous job opportunities. Additionally, the post-holiday season sees a return of hiring managers and decision-makers to the office, ready to fill positions. With year-end bonuses distributed, employees are more inclined to seek new challenges, opening up vacancies. All together this makes it an ideal window for those looking to make a career move or land a new job.


  1. New Budgets: Many companies start their financial year in January, which means new budgets are approved and new projects begin. This often leads to the creation of new positions and the need for additional staff.


  1. Strategic Goal Setting: The start of the year revolves around goal-setting, with companies actively formulating and pursuing strategic objectives for growth and success. A key component in achieving these goals is ensuring they have the right teams and talent in place.


  1. Bonus Payouts, Promotions & Appraisals: Employees who are waiting for their year-end bonus, appraisal and promotions often postpone their departure until after they receive this payout, which typically occurs at the end of the year or in early January. Receiving bonus or potentially missing a promotion or pay rise can be the catalyst for employees leaving for a new opportunity, resulting in job openings.


  1. New Year Momentum: Companies often want to start the new year strong, so often front load hiring in Q1 to help achieve their annual goals.



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