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You can’t ignore these qualities during a marketing interview

 24th Jun 2019

Why do an overwhelming number of marketing candidates fall victim to the CV buzzword trap? By buzzword, we mean those cliché terms that tend to lack real substance and meaning. A couple of commonly used words that you will recognise may include; ‘high achiever’, ‘team player’, ‘successful’, ‘motivated’ – the list goes on! Unfortunately for hiring managers, this means more time spent on weeding these words out in an effort to understand whether the candidate is suitable for the role.

But how can hiring managers look past the buzzwords and identify those key skills and qualities that may go unnoticed during the screening or interview process? More importantly, how can you regain control over the recruitment process and remain armed with a set of questions that will help you find the most qualified candidate? Fortunately, we know a few practical solutions that will have a positive impact on your hiring strategy.

Data-driven marketing  

Successful digital marketing agencies, brands and tech platforms, comprise of professionals who are not only marketing experts but also savvy with data. Marketing strategies are formed on insights pulled from the analysis of data, collected through consumer interactions and engagements, and later form predictions about future behaviours. This is why it’s important to identify a candidate who is capable of excelling in both of these key areas. 

Questions to ask

  • Share a data-driven marketing campaign that you have worked on and the results that you managed to generate
  • Have you had any experience with leveraging customer data so you could improve your company’s position your company on relevant search results? What impact did this have on driving traffic to your company’s website?
  • How have your marketing insights assisted other business functions?

Growth in numbers

Achieving growth is a key goal for every business. And the modern marketer needs to understand how they can help achieve this within their function. Additionally, a marketing candidate who can take ownership of their own professional growth is a potential employee that is invested in their individual development. A goal-orientated candidate will talk about their willingness to increase industry knowledge, take on more responsibilities or perhaps progress into a leadership role.

Questions to ask

  • Our company’s objective is to achieve X, Y, Z. How could you help us move closer towards accomplishing this goal?

  • Is there an example of lead-generating initiative that you would like to implement here?

  • Do you consider yourself accountable for your own professional development? Please provide some examples of how you have taken ownership of your individual growth

Honesty wins trust

Honesty is always the best policy. You will notice when a candidate is authentic – they will remain up front about their experience and open about their weaknesses. Candidates who remain transparent with their achievements, and aware of their limitations, are people who you can trust. Although, there is a fine line between honesty and arrogance. It could mean red flags if the candidate exaggerates their strengths or offers no desire to learn. However, job interviews go both ways. It’s crucial that you remain upfront about the role on offer, benefits package and salary.

Questions to ask

  • Share a weakness of yours and how you have improved on this in the last 6 months

  • What would your last manager say are your development areas?
  • How do you earn trust amongst your colleagues?
  • Has your honesty ever been tested in an office environment?

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