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Questions to ask before an interview

 25th Oct 2021

Whether it’s your first, second or third round of interviews, it’s important to ask well-thought-out questions. Usually, it is best to ask them during an interview, however, it’s also appropriate to send follow-up questions via email should you need more information.
Here are a few questions that we recommend you ask before, during, or after an interview: 


1.    Why is this job open?
A newly created position can be a great opportunity. They may be opening a new part of the business or expanding an existing part.
If the job is not a new job, then you can ask more questions about why the last job-holder is now leaving. 

2.    How long has this job been open?
If it has been open for quite a while, then it could be a tough job to fill or a manager or business which doesn’t move quickly.
If it is a new job or an existing job that was opened recently, they may be in a hurry to fill it so that work does not go undone. Or, they may be taking their time to be sure they choose the best candidate.


3.    Who does this job report to?
You want the name and job title of the hiring manager, so you can do research to learn more about them before the interview.
You also want to know if the person in this job has more than one “boss.” Ask for the names and job titles for all the people who supervise the person in this job. Research them all, if possible.

4.    Can this job be performed remotely or working from a hybrid model?
If a remote job is something you want or need, then asking the question now will enable you to determine if you want to interview for the job. With the hybrid model, it would be beneficial to understand if you only need to be in the office 2-3 days a week and work from home for the remaining days. 


5.   How long will these interviews take?
It is always good to know how many stages of the interview are there and how long will the interviews last for. This will help you be mentally prepared and plan your day ahead.


6.    What type of interview is it?
It could be a phone interview, a one-way video interview, a two-way video interview, a one-on-one interview with you and the HR Manager, or many other options. Learn which one this is so you will understand what is involved. 


7.    When would they like to have the new employee start working?
Usually, but not always, employers can be flexible about when they expect a new employee to begin their job. Early in the hiring process, they may not have a good idea about the best starting date, other than “as soon as possible.”


8.    What is this employer’s hiring process for this job?
Hopefully, you will learn the length of time between this interview and the job offer, on average, the number of interviews. 


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